Reviews for Exit and orders

December 6, 2019

PO_BUMore reviews are coming in for Exit, check them out! 2020 dates will be announced soon.

Please order copies of the album here:


Thank you Blow Up Magazine in Italy & Ox Magazine in Germany,



Final round up of shows coming up! Come check it out, full band show in Toronto as well.

Scandinavia, all shows with Noemie Nours and Danny Oxenberg (of Supreme Dicks)

October 24.  Stockholm, SE.  Gula Villan.

October 26.  Helsinki, FI.  Oranssi-klubi.

October 27.  Tampere. FI.  Romu & Random.

October 29.  Uppsala, SE.  Femman.

October 30.  Oslo, NO.  Hausmania with Slowburn (no Danny Oxenberg)

November 3.  San Francisco, CA.  The Lost Church with Christine Shields and Alex Oropeza.  Show starts early!

November 4.  Oakland, CA.  Pro Arts with Hazel & Doc Gerbil’s World.

November 6.  Toronto, ON.  The Burdock with Jason Anderson.

Got a couple of shows coming up and am planning European dates for 2010.  Get in touch if you want to see me play!

Please also send your orders here for vinyl:

November 4, 2019.   Oakland, CA.  Pro Arts with Hazel Atlas (solo show)

November 6, 2019.  Toronto, ON.  The Burdock with Jason Anderson (full band show)

Picastro tour 068



The tour in Portugal & Spain was great! I’ll be adding more shows to the page as they come up.  Vinyl copies can be purchased at She Said Boom and Pandemonium in Toronto,  also available here:


Check out these early reviews of “Exit”:


June 12:  Brookyln, NY.  Union Pool with Martin Bisi, ( and Ryan Power,

June 21: Hamilton, ON.  Something Else Festival.   The Rock on Locke, Church of St. John the Evangelist.  7pm

June 30:  Toronto, ON.  Aga Khan Museum.  with Marker Starling,

Please email: for booking.


Lisbon/Spain dates

February 1, 2019


2019 shows

December 29, 2018

“Exit” will be coming out on Sleeping Giant Gloassolalia in 2019.

The record took years and through the process went through some ethno-musicology to figure out what I was grappling with and why I never wanted to put myself forward as a female singer.  I despise album covers featuring women so artfully (and sometimes not so artfully) displayed as if they were somehow part of the “product” you were buying.   As an experiment, I took out my voice on this record to change my relationship with it.   I also discovered that in some cultures, females performers were really more suited to private family events but once their fertile years passed, they could be deemed just as proficient and accomplished as their male counterparts.  Of course, this wasn’t true in other cultures where performers were actually expected to take on the appearance or aura or of both genders.    A lot of my friends thought I was being reductionist and maybe I am; it is as much a danger to define your identity by rebelling against the de-facto norms of male, white, straight music as it is to ignore it and pretend you are not being played by it at all.    And that was what I resented most I suppose.

So here it is.  A meta-meta cycle of songs based on destroying the muse,  the disappointment of adult hood and absorbing whatever it is that defines you; addiction, love, anything you want.

Saturday January 12 2019.  Toronto release show.  Baby G, with Fresh Snow and Colin Fisher,  art by Bill Fussner if we can swing it!

Spain and Portugal dates listed below, I’ll fill in more info as it comes, please get in touch if you want a show or want a t-shirt!!

February the 13th, Lisboa

Thursday 14th, Pontevedra

Friday 15th, TBA

Saturday 16th, Barcelona

Sunday 17th, Zaragoza,

Monday 18th Benicarló (Castellón)

Tuesday 19th TBA

February 20 (flight to Canary Islands)

Thursday 21th, Islas Canarias

Friday 22th, Islas Canarias

Saturday 23th, Madrid

Sunday 24th Don Benito (Badajoz)






September 16, 2018

I can’t believe the last show I played in 2018 was at Adobe Books in San Francisco in February! I’ll be playing a solo show on October 16 at Baby G in Toronto and this might be it until our release show in January with European dates to follow in February.


Get in touch if you want a show! Baby G_Oct 16

Lyric gifts

March 11, 2018

My last show in San Francisco at Adobe Books was amazing, thanks so much!

I have been thinking about how nice it is when someone travels to see you play and this exchange I did a few years back where I traded hand written lyrics for small bits of cultural treasures.  If there is a a yummy local hot sauce or something shippable, I am still into this idea.  Might be nice given how no one receives presents or letters anymore, right?

xo Liz.



2018 will be it!

December 31, 2017

The newest Picastro record will be released in 2018 along with a 16mm film I shot a long time ago and am trying to assemble some sound design for.  Its like beyond what I was thinking in terms of work because the film is narrated by sound instead of dialogue and there are so many ways to tell a story through sound.

Here’s a video in the meantime by Quiet Bedrooms of a song off the new album.  When I was asked to do something for the series, I remembered this guy at a show in Brooklyn who came up to me after the set and said it was so intimate, it was like he was watching me in my bedroom.  Totally what I was going for! So thanks dude.  Even though you were drunk, you were spot on.


Fall shows

August 29, 2017

I’ll be playing some shows with friends until our album is released.  Come say hi! I also started a film 12 years which I have to score, so that is next in line.  if you have some art you’d like to share, I need an album cover!  Email me,


September 29, 2017.    Toronto, ON.  Church of the Redeemer.  Anastasia Minster’s album release show! “Hour of the Wolf”

October 13, 2017.  Chicago, IL.   Cafe Mustache.

October 15, 2017.  Bloomington, IN.  The Bishop.

As always, please email if me if you want me to play your town!