exit adulthood

July 23, 2017

The record is done, just getting all the art work sorted.  I haven’t figured out a title much beyond “Exit” but maybe that’s enough.   My aim was to only have male singers on each song.  Some of it worked, some of it needed a mix of two or more people, including myself.   I have always thought it would be interesting if I made an album presented by male  singers and erased myself from that part of the presentation of it.    I researched various cultural styles of music and singing, cultures where women dominated ritual and private ceremonies where men ruled public performance.   But the album took on its own tone and is as much about addiction and humility and disappointment in adulthood as it is about gender.  It is kind in its humanity but maybe brutal in other ways.  I’ll be playing some solo shows in the fall while I finish a film I started a while ago, get in touch if you want a show or just want to say hi.